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New Age Technologies

Use of Giosynthetic Rainforce Wall (TRAP BAG)

GRW System (Geosynthetics Reinforced Wall) or Trap Bag is a 3-dimensional representation of a hydrostatic pressure distribution diagram. In elevation it takes the shape of an elongated shoe. It is manufactured as a chain extending up to a standard length of 32 m. Recently Water Resources Department has adopted this technology in North Lakhimpur WR Division in Ranganadi dyke which is working successfully against the heavy erosion along Ranganadi dyke.

Benefits of this technology/ system are as follows:

  • The system evolved as a low cost, rapidly deployable, site-friendly retaining wall.
  • It improves the physical, mechanical and hydraulic, properties.
  • The system includes other Geosynthetics materials too like geogrid, geobags etc and is also designed to protect life and property from natural disasters such as flash floods, mudslides, mud flows, levee breaches and storm surge.
  • The system is designed to use as infil only the local soils with whatever properties they might have and the local unskilled labour with local installation accessories
  • No specific compaction method or equipment is required as the structure is designed to attain the designed density and subsequently the gravitational pull (weight) with normal manual compaction which remains the basic philosophy behind its design and development.