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Government Of Assam Water Resources

What We Do

  • Vision

    Optimal sustainable protection of the state of Assam against flood and river bank erosion including providing relief to the drainage congested areas of the state.


    • To develop policies, programmes and practices, formulation and execution of schemes/projects which would enable optimum management of floods and control the river bank erosion including providing optimum relief to the drainage congested areas of the state with active involvement of all stakeholders for reducing the damages due to flood to minimum level.
    • To put into place systems and practices, which would result in sustainable increase in flood and erosion protected areas of the state for all round development.
    • To actively engage with the neighbouring countries and states for evaluation and execution of effective measures for flood management in the state.
    • To disseminate information, skills and knowledge, which would help in capacity building and mass awareness.


    • To control riverbank erosion
    • To prevent flood inundation
    • Drainage development
    • Land reclamation and river channelisation
    • Collection of hydro -meteorological data


    • Pre Construction Survey, preliminary investigation and studies for preparation of memo of the works.
    • Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Anti-erosion / town protection, flood prevention, drainage development, land reclamation & river channelization schemes.
    • Take up execution of new marginal embankment, raising and strengthening of weak and deplorable embankment, anti-erosion / town protection schemes, drainage development as well as land reclamation & river channelization schemes.
    • Monitoring & maintaining quality of the construction material as well as the work as per technical specification during execution.
    • Collection, compilation & analysis of hydro meteorological data.