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Government Of Assam Water Resources

New Initiative

Material Banks at Different Location under Water Resources Department

The Flood and Erosion problem is an endemic problem of the State of Assam. Flood and erosion control works always require significant quantum of various materials such as Geobags, porcupines, EC Bags etc. Very often, when emergency situations arise, shortage of flood and erosion fighting materials is observed for which proper measures could not be taken. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Assam in Flood Review Meeting held on 7th July, 2017 at Brahmaputra Guest House, Guwahati advised to keep a buffer stock of such flood and erosion fighting materials at some key locations in the State. Accordingly the department is taking initiation for setting up of Material Bank at Basista, Guwahati which will be the Central Store along with at Majuli.

Each Material Bank will have the following stock of materials:

  • Geo bags- 1, 00,000 nos.
  • Empty Cement Bags-1, 00,000 nos.
  • Jumbo Geobags-50,000 nos.
  • Gunny Bags- 50,000 nos.
  • PSC porcupine bars- 2m and 3m size-10,000 members.