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Government Of Assam Water Resources

Flood Management

After the unprecedented floods in the country in 1954, the Govt. of India announced a National Policy on Floods comprising three phases viz.-

  1. The immediate
  2. The short term and
  3. The long term measures

The flood control activities in Assam started mainly after the announcement of National Water Policy. Subsequently, "outlined plan for flood control in Assam" along with various comprehensive plans were prepared and the priority areas, which need immediate and urgent attention were identified.

Till date, the Water Resources Department has taken up works primarily for the general development of the rural sector and for the protection of major townships in both the Brahmaputra and Barak valley. Schemes have also been taken up to relieve the drainage congestion in the cities and other important areas.

  1. Construction of Embankments and Flood walls
  2. River training and bank protection works
  3. Anti erosion and town protection works
  4. River channelization with pro siltation device
  5. Drainage improvement/ Sluices
  6. Raised Platform
  7. Flood forecasting and warning
  8. Flood zoning

The Water Resources Department, Assam has been implementing the above mentioned flood management schemes from the beginning of 2nd Five Year Plan and is continuing till now. The up to date physical achievement is as follows:

Length of Embankment4473.82 Km.
Raising & Strengthening of Embankment655.502 Km
Anti-Erosion and town protection works911 Nos.
Drainage schemes874.966 Km
Sluices (Major)94 Nos.
Sluices (Minor)545 Nos.

No long-term measures have been implemented so far to mitigate the flood and erosion problems of the state. Till date only Immediate and short-term measures are implemented by the state Water Resources Deptt. as stated above.

Implementation of the above structures, have provided reasonable protection to about 16.50 Lakh Hectares of flood affected areas out of the total 31.05 Lakh Hectare of flood prone area as identified by the R.B.A. for the state. This flood prone area of 31.05 Lakh hectares comes to about 39.58 % of the total land area of Assam. Whereas the flood prone area of the country as a whole comes to about 10.2 % of the total area of the country, it signifies that the flood prone area of Assam is four times the national mark of the flood prone area of the country.

Sl.No.Name of DivisionDivision Wise Length (in Km.)Name of DistrictDistrict Wise Length (in Km.)
5UAID, Jorhat55.35Golaghat133.85
8N. Lakhimpur328.029Sonitpur220.328
9Tezpur220.328Karbi Anglong34.162
12Guwahati East78.14Kamrup (M)38.765
13Guwahati West216.89Kamrup (R)274.865
26Cachar Invstegation44.23Hailakandi128.246
27Hailakandi149.316N.C Hills0.00
28Haflong0.00Dima Hasao0.00

Funding Pattern of Flood Management Works

The flood management works of the state are being funded from the following sources. Due to limitations of fund of its own, the state has to rely more upon the grant of the Central government. At present, the flood management activities are being carried out with the following funding –

  • Flood Management Programme (FMP)
  • Additional Central Assistance (ACA)
  • State Plan
  • State Disaster Response fund (SDRF)
  • North Eastern Council (NEC)
  • Non-lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR)
  • Joint River Commission (JRC)
  • Assistance from external agencies (NABARD)
  • Externally Aided Project (ADB & World Bank)